Yachtsman’s Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an essential component of your travel plans, especially if you are boating.

Most basic travel policies won’t include waterborne activities but for 26 years Topsail have been providing their Yachtsman’s Travel Insurance, created especially for yachties, cruisers and all types of boaters.

Topsail Travel Insurance

  • All-in-one: designed for water based activities as well as regular travel insurance when land-based or on a non-boating trip.
  • Local Cruising (Australia) or offshore
  • All the cover you’d expect and more: Medical expenses; cancellation, search and rescue; re-joining the boat; crew replacement
  • Charter Bond/ Deposit: Extend your policy to include protection if you cause damage to the boat you charter and lose your bond or deposit.
  • Single or multi-trip – chose from 3 levels of Annual Policy for multiple trips or a Single trip
  • Offshore cover included as standard – on all annual polices, and available on single trip polices
  • Long-term cruisers – offering multiple 12 month trip durations
  • Competitive premiums – when compared against other travel insurance providers
  • Groups & families – include your friends & family under the same policy for simplicity
  • Racing included as standard (offshore racing requires prior agreement)

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